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Many pack sizes are available, depending on your specific needs. The shelf-life for all Feta in brine is 1 year. Learn more
It's a catch weight item. Packed 8-4lb or 4-9lb loaves per case. Average case weight is 38lbs. Shelf-life is 6 months. Learn more
Typically, crumbled Feta is ideal for salads, but also great as an ingredient. The shelf-life for crumbled Feta is 3 months. Learn more

Feta Cheese  provides splendid  flavor that pairs  beautifully with lamb, poultry, beans and even rice. It is often served as a way to enhance flavors in salads, pies and omelets, among other meals. To see some of the recipes that can be prepared with Euphrates Feta Cheese, please click below.

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